Missionary to Muslims to Preach at St. Luke’s Anglican Church

Fr. Bryson Samboja, an ordained minister with the Anglican Church of Kenya and International missionary with Global Teams in Kenya, will be preaching and sharing highlights of his ministry work in Kwale, Kenya at St. Luke’s Anglican Church on Sunday, Sept. 30.

Fr. Samboja has served in the Diocese of Mombasa since 1984. For nine years, he served as principal of Bishop Hannington Institute in Mombasa, preparing ordinands for full-time ministry. His diverse background includes his involvement with the School Christian Union, where he led services and preached. Later he was called into full-time ministry in the church.

More recently, Fr. Samboja and his wife Deborah started a ministry in the Golini area of Kwale to reach native Muslims. Their ministry addresses and provides spiritual guidance, education, health, farming and social welfare needs to the community. He has successfully completed construction of a building that serves as a kindergarten classroom during weekdays and a place of worship on Sundays. Fr. Samboja started his ministry to the people on the Southern Coast of Kenya in 2007.

Global Teams is an international missionary organization that equips and sends teams of missionaries from many nations to multiply disciples for Jesus within cultures least familiar with the gospel. Fr. Samboja serves as the director of Global Teams African mission work and has been with the organization since 2002.

St. Luke’s Sunday worship services are at 8 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. at the Seventh Day Adventist Church Chapel, 300 Vallejo Dr., Glendale.