New Mosaic from Rome at St. Bede

New Mosaic from Rome at St. Bede
People driving down Foothill Boulevard may have noticed a new mosaic over the front entrance to St. Bede the Venerable Roman Catholic Church. Many parishioners and others have questioned Monsignor Antonio Cacciapuoti, the pastor, asking if the mosaic is that of St. Bede.

Monsignor Cacciapuoti explained that the person depicted is Jesus Christ and the piece is titled “Jesus Blessing People.” The art was made in Rome by Paolo Monaldi, an artist experienced in making and repairing mosaics. It replicates a painting that hangs in the Church of the Holy Stairs in Rome.

According to tradition, these Holy Stairs (Scala Sancta) were climbed by Jesus as he went to face Pontius Pilate before his crucifixion. Today, pilgrims from all over the world climb these same steps on their knees. According to the pastor, when they have completed the climb and reach the top they look upward to the vision of Jesus blessing them.

Since becoming St. Bede’s pastor two years ago, the Italian born pastor has been slowly transforming the Vatican II-era building built in 1962.

“Our piece of art is the only mosaic in existence of ‘Jesus Blessing People,’ and I feel honored to have Jesus blessing each of us as we enter our own church,” said the Monsignor. “It is a beautiful piece that will welcome visitors for many generations to come-long after we are gone and forgotten. The mosaic took many months to create and I want to again thank the family again who donated the funds more than a year ago.”