Florence Kallas

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Aug. 1, 1921 – Aug. 26, 2015

Florence Kallas was born Vaselicky Polamero, one of six children, in Bell, California to Josephine and Peter Polamero. Florence was a fraternal twin to Pauline Polamero Hagelis.

Peter and his wife taught Florence and her siblings the value of family, friends and celebrating life. Growing up Florence had many cherished memories shared with her sisters and brother while living in Glendale. Family gatherings were a regular event every Sunday. During her young adult years, she attended a beauty college with her twin Pauline and worked in the Wilshire District at a hair salon. She also worked at Jergen’s Company in Burbank in the 1940s.

In 1946, Florence met her sweetheart George Kallas after he moved to California from Stamford, Connecticut. In 1949, George and Florence married and during the mid-1950s, they set their roots in La Crescenta. It was here where George and Florence designed and built their home and began a family. They were blessed to have three wonderful children: Steve, Cynthia and Mark.

Florence enjoyed raising her children and was joyfully involved in every aspect of their youth. She made sure to continue to stay connected with her siblings and their children and regularly organized family gatherings. Florence was at her happiest when the family was together, celebrating life and good times.

Following her husband’s retirement, George and Florence had the great opportunity to travel to Greece, Italy, throughout Europe and the United States. She especially reminisced about her travels close and abroad and truly felt her life was fulfilled and complete.

When the family expanded and grandchildren were introduced, Florence was beaming with delight and embraced each new child with unconditional love. Florence will always be remembered for how much she valued family and the special times shared with those she truly loved, especially her five grandchildren: Christopher, Stephanie, Dalton, Patrick and Michael.

After over 64 years of marriage, George passed away in 2013 leaving Florence as the only one remaining of her five siblings. Anyone who truly knew Florence would remember her sweet and loving demeanor and her cheerful disposition. She never complained and appreciated all that life had given her. Florence’s greatest joy was time shared with family and she taught her children the value of connections and making time for one another. She was always there for friends and family and we will forever love her and hold her in our hearts.