Schuyler Standish

Schuyler Standish, former art teacher at Flintridge Sacred Heart, dies
Schuyler Standish, an art teacher at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy for more than 20 years and a true Renaissance man in the visual and performing arts world, passed away on July 29.
A child prodigy, he began studying violin at the age of 3. He entered UCLA at the age of 13 as a music major and a year later was named concert master of the university’s symphony orchestra.
He began working in motion pictures at the age of 6, first as a dancer and then as an actor. He studied tap-dancing at the Ethel Meglin School for Kiddies, the same school attended by Shirley Temple. His first film was “Shipmates Forever,” produced in 1933 by Warner Bros. starring Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell. Standish’s other films include 1941’s “Blood and Sand” starring Tyrone Power, Rita Hayworth and Anthony Quinn, and the 1941 release “Melody for Three,” starring Fay Wray and Jean Herscholt.
He enlisted in the Army Air Force in 1944, and spent the remaining months of World War II entertaining the troops with orchestra leader Bobby Byrne’s band. He continued working as a musician and composer after the war ended, but eventually developed a greater interest in art and began to paint. He had his first one man show in Los Angeles in 1954 at the then-renowned Falk-Raboff Gallery. More recently his work was shown at the Tah Gallery in South Pasadena.
Standish started teaching art in 1982 at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, from where he retired in 2002. Collectors of his work include Kay Ballard, Dave Brubeck and William Shatner.