Foothill Athletic Club Transitions to YMCA


The New Year will bring a bit of a change for the Foothill Athletic Club at 3931 Lowell Ave. as the YMCA of the Foothills broadens its reach.

“Our board has developed and adopted a long range plan to provide access to our programs and facilities,” said Tyler Wright, president/CEO of the Foothills YMCA.

And the Foothills Athletic Club blends perfectly with that strategy.

“The Foothill Athletic Club is pleased to announce the transfer of ownership to the YMCA of the Foothills. Our final day of operation will be Jan. 17,” stated a release from Foothill Athletic Club.

Patrick Kendall has owned and operated the athletic club for 33 years. He and his family have been members of the Foothills YMCA and Kendall, an avid golfer, has spent time on the golf course with Y board members. So it seemed natural that when it came time to sell he would reach out to an organization that is as supportive of the community as is his own organization.

Kendall did have other options of companies to sell the club to, including large health club chains and cross fit businesses, but he wanted to keep it in the community family.

“The owner [of the club] reached out to us,” Wright said. “We have been appreciative of the owner’s openness to work with us.”

A letter is going out this week to members of the club informing them of the change and explaining the next few steps as the transition moves forward.

The Y is offering present members of the club a four-month transition period from Jan. 19 to June 1. They will not raise members’ rates and it is Wright’s hope members will enroll in the YMCA. Once enrolled, the members will have use to not only the Foothill Athletic facility but the Y facilities in Tujunga and La Cañada.

“Our purpose [at the YMCA of the Foothills] is to provide access to young families and aging adults,” Wright said.

The facility on Lowell Avenue adds to that outreach.

For Kendall the transition will be smooth.

“We selected our successor carefully with the thought of a local organization that would keep fitness, family and community top priorities as the club continues into the future,” Kendall stated. “Our families are very grateful for the support all our members and the local community has given us over the years we have been open. We would not have been successful without the dedication of our many employees and wish to thank each one of them for their commitment to making our community a healthier one. We encourage the members and community to continue to support the YMCA and wish everyone a healthy and Happy New Year.”