Just A Few of the New California Laws


There will be some new laws that go into affect on Jan. 1, 2012. The laws cover everything from handguns to car seats. Here a just a few of the new laws:
California Handgun Open, authored by California State Assembly member Anthony Portantino. In the past Californians could openly carry a gun in public as long as it was not concealed or loaded. It was difficult for law enforcement to tell if a gun was or was not loaded. The law that goes into affect on Jan. 1 will make it a misdemeanor for those carrying loaded handguns. Violators will pay $1,000 in addition to spending six months in jail. Californians can still get permits for concealed weapons.

California Renters Recycling Law: Owners of apartment buildings will be required to provide recycling services for California tenants.

California Presidential Primary Law: The presidential primary will officially be moved from February to June.

California Car Seat Law: As of Jan. 1, older kids will be required to be in a car seat. The age has now increased by two years. The law requires children to ride in a booster seat until they are 8 years old.