The Mix suspended for ten days

IMG_5775Local bar The Mix has had its liquor licenses suspended for 10 days due to violations discovered by California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control investigators.

“We posted the suspension on Dec. 17,” said Juliet Lec, ABC spokeswoman.

Investigators found two violations: The building’s doors were to remain closed during operating hours and they were to have a security guard posted in the parking lot.

Lec said the establishment had an option to dispute the charges and go to court or take the suspension. They opted for the latter, Lec said.

She did not have any information concerning specific neighbor complaints regarding the establishment but said that generally ABC will hear of a problem through the community and send investigators out.

On Dec. 15 Glendale police made several arrests at the bar including three for felony gun possession.

The investigation by ABC was done prior to the arrest.