GPD Responds to Skater Complaint, Smoking Ordinance Violators


Recently the concerns of pedestrian safety vs. skateboarders were brought to the attention of the Montrose Shopping Park Association.

A close encounter between local resident Kim Mattersteig and a skater highlighted several issues the shopping park has had with those skateboarding down the sidewalks along Honolulu Avenue. Mattersteig wrote a letter, which was signed by many local merchants in support, asking Glendale police to do something about the situation.

GPD responded to not only the skater issue but also to that of the violation of the smoking ordinance.

“Cadets are distributing flyers to the businesses and citizens on Honolulu advising them about the smoking ordinance,” said Tahnee Lightfoot, GPD spokeswoman. “Cadets are monitoring the skateboarders and contacting/warning/educating them in relation to the skateboarding ordinance. The cadets will document how many skaters they encounter and provide information to analyze and determine if more assertive action is justified. “