Where have all the Christmas trees gone?

Photo by Misty DUPLESSIS Glendale Area Schools Federal Credit Union employees Bonnie Mortimer (left), Monica Gibo, Tammy Marone and Beverly Halter proudly stand in front of their display.


In recent years residents of the foothill community have witnessed the shrinking number of people who display Christmas trees and decorations during the holiday season.

While some merchants in the Montrose area chose not to take part in the annual festivities, Glendale Are Schools Federal Credit Union president Stuart Perlitsh decided to continue to indulge in the celebration with a decorated tree in the lobby of the institution.

This credit union has been celebrating Christmas time with a tree for over 30 years and has no plans to break its tradition. Perlitsh has received several positive comments from members about their display and one member even said she closed her account at another bank because of their dismissal of the holidays.

“We have always had a Christmas tree in our lobby and our members appreciate it and our members that don’t observe Christmas can also appreciate the Christmas tree. I don’t think you have to be Christian to appreciate Christmas,” said Perlitsh who added that one does not have to be a veteran to acknowledge Veterans Day.

An employee from an another bank in the Montrose Shopping Park said they will not have a tree at their branch because not everyone believes in Christmas and they want to remain neutral.

Montrose shopper Brendon David said that the holidays for him are a nice time to gather with family and friends and that he would not feel offended if a shop displayed their own traditions even if he did not celebrate those same traditions.

“Someone is always going to be offended. No one should have the right to say what’s appropriate for other people,” David said. He also said that he views Christmas as an American holiday.

You can also find Christmas decorations at Andersen Pet Shop. When asked why they decided to display their ornaments owner Tom Russell stated that it was his tradition and that he grew up celebrating Christmas.

La Crescenta legal assistant Jenn Ingelson also chose to participate in the holiday season and wanted to share in the joy with her colleagues by bringing in a tree she decorated, a tradition she has been doing for three years.

“I find people more cheerful when the holiday spirit is all around,” Ingelson said. She hopes to continue to celebrate the seasons with family and friends for years to come.