From the Desk of the Publisher

Merriest Time of the Year

I’ve often shared with you the gratitude I feel about the support we receive here at the Crescenta Valley Weekly. Whether it’s financial support, cheers while traveling down Honolulu Avenue during the Montrose Christmas Parade or being stopped while grocery shopping, the community continually shows its support for what we do.

Because, as I’ve said before, I don’t think there is anyone more qualified than us here at the CV Weekly to do what we do. We love the area and take great pleasure in sharing with our readers what’s happening – and now we extend into Toluca Lake! Whether it’s hard news or a list of addresses of the best holiday decorated house exteriors, you’ll find it on the pages of the CV Weekly.

But it does take many people to pull it all together. From our proofreader Anne McNeill to Mary O’Keefe (she’s everywhere), the quality of the CV Weekly remains outstanding week after week. The weekly columns by Mike Lawler are a high point for many readers. Our layout and advertising pros Steve Hernandez and Matt Barger ensure the quality of how the paper looks every week. Our commitment to customer care is reflected in how our office manager Rachelle Miller handles the day-to-day operation of our office. I’m also so proud of our sales staff – Jon K., Lisa Stanners and Sonya Marquez – who remind advertisers how well spent their dollars are when advertising on our pages. I’m grateful to our readers who make sure to visit our advertisers first when making purchases or securing a service provider.

And I’m always amazed at our subscribers and how they gladly plunk down $65 (a year’s subscription) to have this paper in their driveway every Thursday morning. (I can’t skip over our delivery people – their commitment to getting the paper to each location every week is a job I don’t want but is so well done!)

We’re like a family here, lending an ear or a hand and offering advice (or sometimes even better – not offering advice) as needed. Especially over the holidays being with family is paramount. This week we welcomed home our second son Matthew and his gal and their daughter. What a wonderful holiday surprise! Having them here over Christmas will be the best present ever.

I would be remiss, though, in not acknowledging that during this holiday season our family will be incomplete. The obituary for my mother-in-law Saralyn can be found on page 6. Over the decades I’ve known her she has been an excellent example a mother-in-law and grandma; I’ve modeled most of my behavior on her examples.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Please take a moment to step back and see all that you have created – and love. That might be your biggest gift of all.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta Valley Weekly.
She can be reached at or
(818) 248-2740.