Library Bids Sought, Fiber Optic Cable in North Glendale Future


City Council ended the year on Tuesday night by approving the advertising of open bids for the Brand Library’s renovation project. The Brand Library’s renovation, which will include restoring portions of the site to their original appearance, seismic improvements, and opening up accessibility to patrons, has been estimated to cost $7.4 million.

With Mayor Laura Friedman and Councilman Frank Quintero absent, it was left to the remaining three council members – with Rafi Manoukian serving as mayor pro tem – to swiftly approve the motion.

This approval ends the design and documentation phase of the Brand project. Construction is set to begin next year and is estimated to be completed early 2013.

Council also approved the installation of the extension of a fiber optic cable from the Glendale Water & Power’s Glorietta substation to the Cooks Canyon pump station.

Though pressed by Barry Allen in an oral communication to the Council to withhold approval of the project until the arrival of the new city manager next year, Council ultimately voted to okay the motion.

“I also want to add that as much as we respect the city manager and his opinion, the ultimate policy makers are – today – the three of us sitting on the Council,” said Councilman Ara Najarian. “The buck stops here. We’re still in charge.”