Remembering Holiday Safety


This holiday season law enforcement reminds residents to be cautious, careful and aware.

Part One crimes, which include burglary both residential and vehicle, and theft, are up in the far north area of Glendale.

“Year-to-date we are up about 10%,” said Glendale Officer Abe Chung.

Although that sounds like a lot, it actually isn’t when compared to other areas of the city; however, it still is an increase.

“We have the Hide It, Lock It, and Keep It [campaign],” Chung said. “Make sure if you can’t take valuables out of your vehicle to hide them and make sure you lock your car.”

That is especially good advice during the holiday season when shopping bags and packages are often left in vehicles in plain sight.

Another concern, beyond leaving items visible in cars, are packages left on doorsteps. The post office and other delivery services will leave packages on the front porch that are too large to fit in a mailbox, which is a perfect crime of opportunity.

“Someone driving by can see that item at the door and [take it],” Chung said.

There have been reports from residents who either have contacted mail services to find their packages were delivered but they never received them, or had placed items on the doorstep for pick up and they were gone when the delivery service stopped by.

“It would be best if they could leave [any delivered package] at a neighbor’s home,” said Sgt. Galbraith from Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station.

“Or, if possible, have the items delivered to your work,” Chung suggested. “If that is not possible, have [the delivery service] deliver to a side door to make it less conspicuous.”

Chung said the police are not sure why there has been an increase in Part One crimes, whether it is due to locals or people from outside the area who are committing the burglaries.

“Overall, we are by far the lowest [crime rate] city-wide,” Chung said.

Since the area is so low in crime, three or four vehicle burglaries can raise the overall rate. It is important for neighbors to watch their neighborhood.

“Neighbors should be aware of [their] surroundings. If you don’t recognize a car that is on your street, [contact police],” Chung said.

For those who are leaving for vacation or over the holiday, residents can contact the GPD or CV Sheriff’s Station. Each law enforcement agency offers free vacation patrol. They will have extra patrol units in the area watching the home. Residents can contact the CV Sheriff’s Station at 4554 Briggs Ave. or call (818) 248-3464 or the GPD Montrose Substation, 3808 Ocean View Blvd. or call  (818) 249-8173. GPD requires a form to be filled out, which can be done at the substation or over the phone.