Low Allocation from State Water Project Announced for 2016

On Dec. 1, the California Dept. of Water Resources (DWR) announced an initial allocation of 10% for water agencies that receive water from the State Water Project. A 10% allocation of water deliveries is among the lowest recorded allocations as California approaches a fifth year of drought. This allocation is the first estimate for 2016 and could change depending on the amount of rain and snow received during the winter and spring. The State Water Project provides water to 26 million people, businesses and farms throughout the state.

“This low allocation emphasizes the need to ensure a more reliable water system,” stated Foothill MWD Board President Richard Atwater. “Actions are currently underway to modernize our state’s water delivery system through California WaterFix. WaterFix will protect critical water supply levels that we depend upon and help prevent the recent trend of reliability reductions.”

California WaterFix – formerly known as the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) – seeks to modernize the existing state water system by building new underground pipeline tunnels that will safely transport water from northern California to Southern California. The current delivery system in place for the State Water Project is vulnerable to earthquakes and natural disasters.

California WaterFix is supported by both the Brown and Obama administrations as the recommended solution for modernizing the State Water Project.

“With this low water allocation, we must keep conserving,” said FMWD General Manager Nina Jazmadarian. “Even with a wet winter, precipitation may not be enough to get us out of this fourth year of drought. California WaterFix will allow agencies to move more water into storage during wet periods, allowing them to use it during droughts.”

For more information on California WaterFix, visit www.californiawaterfix.com.

Foothill Municipal Water District provides imported water to Crescenta Valley Water District, La Cañada Irrigation District, Mesa Crest Water Company, Valley Water Company, Lincoln Avenue Water Company, Las Flores Water Company and Rubio Cañon Land & Water Association.  Kinneloa Irrigation District, another retail agency, takes no water from Foothill.