The Long Awaited Return of the Montrose Christmas Parade


It had been two years since the Montrose Christmas Parade made its way along Honolulu Avenue and, from the number of those watching along the parade route on Saturday night, it had been missed.

Social media gave the parade great reviews, too.

“I saw a lot of big smiles and people having fun,” said Cheryl Davis, Montrose Christmas Parade chair.

Davis rides in a golf cart behind Santa’s fire engine at the end of the parade and said that viewpoint is very special because she gets to see the excitement of the crowd.

“Hundreds of kids are standing, waving their arms and yelling, ‘I love you, Santa,’” she said.

Having a successful parade takes many volunteers who work behind the scenes for months to take the event from the planning stages to traveling down Honolulu Avenue.

Davis said hearing the laughter and seeing so many families attending makes all the work worth it.

Photos by Robin GOLDSWORTHY, Charly MARQUEZ and Charly SHELTON