From the Desk of the Publisher

A Perfect Night for a Parade

Like many folks, I was a little nervous about Saturday’s parade. Weather predictions were on-again, off-again for rain, which would have put a damper on festivities. After all, who wants to make their way down Honolulu Avenue when it’s rainy (I’ve done it before and it ain’t fun)?

But happily the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Clear skies made it easy to see Santa as he made his way down the avenue signaling the end of the parade.

With my sales diva Lisa, we made our way to Montrose Town Bar & Grill for pre-parade festivities. I felt so special among the many dignitaries there: grand marshal Carl Povilaitis, announcer Rick Dinger, members of the Montrose Shopping Park Assn., Glendale Mayor Ardy Kassakhian and CV Sheriff’s Station Captain Robert Hahnlein were just some of the familiar faces. And, as usual, restaurant owner Jim Collins put on quite a spread for us. Many thanks, Jim.

Heading back to our parking lot where our “float” (I use the term loosely) awaited us. I was pleasantly surprised to see the transformation of the Bob Smith Toyota flatbed that was to take us down the avenue. Thanks to the hard work of CVW layout guru Steve Hernandez, Charlie Marquez (husband of sales diva Sonya), CVW office manager Rachelle Miller and all the other helpers, the flatbed was bedazzled with lights, banner, a wreath and a metal tree. Of course it couldn’t be done without the generator provided by Danny Goldsworthy, owner of Bonner’s Party Rentals, and my son Patrick. Many thanks, guys.

We lined up just east of Pleasure Way on Honolulu Avenue, waiting for our turn to head to the throngs that were lined up at Rosemont Avenue and continued to Verdugo Road. While we waited we saw so many people who make the parade a possibility every year – especially coordinators Cheryl Davis and Chris Waldheim. Talk about a Herculean task! And yet they, and many other dedicated volunteers, pull it off every year.

When we finally made our way along Honolulu were we surprised by the greeting we received at Rosemont Avenue?! In years past there was a smattering of parade-goers at the corner; however, this year there were plenty of people waving and shouting greetings. As we made our way east the crowd didn’t diminish; it seems people were as excited to see the parade as we were to be in it. And I have to be honest with you: hearing the calls of “We love CV Weekly!” and “Mike Lawler’s column is the best!” (among others) truly warmed my heart and lifted my spirits. Thank you, everyone!

I’m already looking forward to 2023!