Shopping Park presents budget

By Charles COOPER

Montrose Shopping Park, the oldest and largest business improvement district in the city, presented its 2010 budget to the Glendale City Council Tuesday for approval.

Montrose, in common with four other BIDs in the city, receives $15,000 a year in promotional funding from the city. Under the agreement the council approves the budget yearly. The city approved an additional payment of $7,500 to the BIDs this year for holiday efforts.

Dale Dawson, executive director of the shopping park, led the formal presentation to the council. Dawson, longtime Montrose Shopping Park Association president, introduced new officers including Alyce Russell as president, Mary Dawson vice president, and Maureen Palacios treasurer.

The shopping park presented a budget of $280,000 for the coming year. Adams Hill BID, approved Tuesday also, had a budget of $24,000.

The spending program estimates $112,000 in assessments from members, $90,000 from the annual arts and crafts festival and $31,000 from the weekly Farmers Market plus additional income from filming.

Expenses include the annual holiday costs, rental on the police substation, and costs for the arts and crafts festival and the Farmers Market.

The five year contract for the Shopping Park to manage the BID runs out next year, and a new contract will be needed.

Mike Mulhill, perennial council gadfly, praised the effort of the BIDs and said the council should mandate municipal employees should do their shopping there.