Montrose Search and Rescue, rescues dog over 150 foot cliff.

On Saturday at about 5:45 PM, Montrose Search and Rescue along with the assistance of Sierra Madre Search and Rescue, were called to Angeles National Forest in the “Dark Canyon area” to assist with the rescue of a dog that had fallen 150 feet over a hiking trail.

The owner of the dog hiked out of the canyon when he was unable to rescue the dog on his own and drove to the Angeles National Forest Ranger station on Angeles Crest Highway to call for help.

Montrose Search and Rescue team contacted the owner who hiked back to where the dog fell with team members. Working in the rain and fog with 24 rescuers, the teams were able to repeal down 150 feet of a steep cliff to retrieve the dog who was stuck in debris. The team was able to calm the dog to rig a hoist around the dog so they could bring the 100 pound dog back up to the trail. Once the dog was on the hiking trail, they strapped the dog, who had minor injuries, into a litter and hand carried the litter to a point large enough to attached the litter’s wheel. The team members with the help of Sierra Madre Search and Rescue members, used ropes to assist with the hiking out of the litter and members back up the steep hill, out of the canyon.

The dog has minor injuries from his fall and is recovering with his grateful owner.