Thank*A*Soldier Very Successful


Christopher Shahinian would like to thank all who came out, donated and volunteered at the recent “Thank*A*Soldier” event.

The program involves the entire community and was hosted in Burbank, Glendale and La Cañada by Keller Williams Real Estate. They had asked for donated items, including lip balm, lotions, deodorant and foot powder, and as the items were packed off to be sent to those serving in the military, organizers enjoyed a barbecue.

Shahinian is a realtor who reached out to the community for donations by going door-to-door, letting people know about the program and how they could help.

“We are very grateful for [everyone’s] time and contribution to make this another successful event,” he said. “The final count is [about] 800 boxes that [have been] shipped off.”

Shahinian was encouraged by so many who offered to help. This program was the first time he had been directly involved in such a large philanthropic event.

“Thank*A*Soldier is just the beginning. It was a great success and I am happy that our community’s soldiers will be comfortable, warm and cared for during the holiday,” he said. “I am passionate about what I do every day and the best feeling is inspiring others to believe in themselves and their abilities.”