Help Needed to Find Missing Wife/Daughter/Mother

Megan Dipiazza
Megan Dipiazza


The family of missing CVHS graduate Megan (Ganajian) Dipiazza, 33, is appealing for the wife and mother to return home. Dipiazza was last seen on the evening of Nov. 11. Earlier she had been at her home in Tujunga/Sunland talking to her husband Sal.

She and Sal were separated and Megan had recently rented an apartment in north Glendale. Until then they had lived together with Sal’s teenage daughter from a previous relationship and the couple’s five-year-old son.

“She came over to our house and we had a discussion,” Sal said.

He added it wasn’t a fight but a difficult discussion that happens when two people are separated. His daughter was present at that time.

“I told [Megan] it was getting late and we should finish the conversation later,” he said. “That was the last time we saw her.”

Glendale police were contacted. They found a note in her apartment that had been thrown away saying goodbye to her family.

Detectives investigating Megan’s disappearance have said she had suffered from depression in the past; however, according to her family, she had never left like this before.

“This is not like her to disappear with not even a phone call,” Sal said.

The first week Sal said he thought she may be with friends, but now he is concerned she could be hurt. He has traveled up Angeles Crest Highway looking for her vehicle, afraid she may have gone off the road, but he found nothing.

Her stepfather Bob Alexander and mother Sue are sending posters of their missing daughter to everyone they know. They are hopeful that someone will see the posters and have some information.

The family has been cooperating with Glendale police and is reaching out to others for help.

“I have friends at Los Angeles Police Department and the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station. I am just asking everyone to help,” Sal said.

Bob and Sue agreed with Sal that this is not typical behavior of their daughter. She loved her family, had a good job and friends, they said.

“I just want to say we need her to come home. Her son needs her,” Sue said in a plea to her daughter. She added that with all the publicity, she is concerned her daughter may be embarrassed or afraid to come home.

“Don’t be afraid … Just come home.”

Anyone who has any information is asked to contact Sgt. Jeff Newton at (818) 548-3987 or (818) 548-4840. Megan’s vehicle is a 2013 gray Toyota Scion, the plate number is 6XJR885, but it may not have any plates on it. She is described as 33 years old with blonde hair and green eyes, is 5’6” tall and weighs about 122 pounds.