Nov. 24

2400 block of Foothill Boulevard in La Crescenta, a woman reported that she had left a plastic container that held miscellaneous tools and cords outside her office in an unsecured area. When she returned to her business she found the plastic container and contents were missing along with a “candy cane” hose.

The theft occurred overnight.



Nov. 22

2500 block of Olive Avenue in La Crescenta, a resident reported that he had gone to the bank on Foothill Boulevard and parked in the parking lot. He noticed a blue SUV parked directly next to his vehicle. He went to the bank, got cash that was placed in two white envelopes, and went back to his car. He placed the envelopes in the driver’s side door compartment. He then traveled to his home and parked his car in front of his home. A few minutes later the resident walked out of his home and saw a man dressed in a blue sweater and blue jeans running east on Olive Avenue and get into a blue SUV similar to the one he witnessed at the bank. The man discovered that the envelopes containing the cash were missing from his vehicle.

The theft occurred between 2:15 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.



Nov. 21

4700 block of Ramsdell Avenue in La Crescenta, an elderly woman reported she heard the doorbell ring at her home. She walked from the restroom to the dining room and waited to hear if it rang again but it did not. She then went to the dining room and sat down. About five minutes later, as she was facing her living room/bedroom hallway, she saw a young woman partially enter the living room, then disappear back into the hallway. The only description of the suspect was “young woman.” The elderly woman did not call law enforcement or her son for about 40 minutes. When the son and law enforcement arrived they found that items were missing and that entry into the home occurred via the glass door in the back of the residence.

The home burglary occurred at 1:05 p.m.



Nov. 14

900 block of Town Center Drive in La Cañada, several bottles of alcohol were stolen from a store. Surveillance footage revealed two suspects entered the store. Suspect No. 1 was described as a black female, heavyset, wearing reading glasses, a white sweater and black shirt with multicolored writing on it, black pants and black-and-white sneakers. Suspect No. 2 was described as a black female, medium build, wearing a gray sweater, black pants, black and yellow sneakers and carrying a small black purse. They were seen walking into the store. Suspect No. 1 got a shopping cart. Suspect No. 2 placed a reusable shopping bag in the cart. They went to the liquor department area and concealed bottles of liquor in the shopping bag and the suspect’s purse. They then walked to other areas of the store but then they walked out of the store with the alcohol bottles concealed in the shopping bag and large purse without attempting to pay for the items.

The theft occurred at 7:31 p.m.