Concession Statement by LASD Sheriff Jim McDonnell

“Today [Nov. 26], I contacted Alex Villanueva to offer my best wishes for his administration as the 33rd elected sheriff of Los Angeles County. We are in the process of arranging an orderly transition and a series of briefings to assist the new administration and it is my hope that the sheriff-elect will come to his new position with an open-mind.

“The honor of serving as the LA County sheriff is one like no other in law enforcement. As the elected leader of the nation’s largest sheriff’s department, and the second largest law enforcement agency in the nation, the sheriff will be immediately faced with a range of very complex issues that go to the heart of maintaining public safety and public trust.
“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the nearly 1.2 million people who voted for me. Theirs are votes of confidence and recognition that the sworn and civilian personnel of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. are doing a great job under difficult circumstances. These voters see that crime is down, arrests and public contacts are up. We are setting the national standard in the reform of large jail systems, and we are now better prepared than ever before to deal with a range of emerging threats, whether they be natural or man made. I am also deeply grateful to the men and women of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept., many of whom have personally expressed to me how much the LASD has moved forward, even as we also worked to preserve its many fine traditions.
“I will have more to share on Tuesday, Nov. 27 with a press conference and further information.”