BREAKING: Truck Crash at 76 Station


The 76 Gas Stations convenience store is open but the pumps have all been shut down after an accident involving a fuel truck, a car and pump number 5 occurred today at about 4:20 p.m.


My back was to the [gas] truck,said the man who was fueling his vehicle on the outside lane of the 76 Station.


The fuel truck driver had turned eastbound onto the center lane of the station, between the pumps,  but apparently cut the corner a little too close and struck the pump on the southwest side of the station.


I heard the truck scraping against the pump,the man said.


The man was able to get to safety as the pump fell onto his vehicle.


Apparently an emergency shut off valve was activated on the damaged pump.  No fuel was released. Station staff turned off the fuel to all of the pumps as the damage was assessed.


No one reported injuries.