Man Arrested After Barricading Himself in Grocery Bathroom


On Nov. 15, Glendale police responded to a call at about 5 p.m. concerning a man trespassing and possibly violating a restraining order in the 3200 block of Montrose Avenue. The officers attempted to contact the man, however he fled the area on foot.

Officers chased the man eastbound on Montrose Avenue, north of Pennsylvania Avenue, into the Gardenia Market where the man ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

Officers gave several orders to open the door and show his hands, however he refused. One of the officers, according to the police report, explained that if the man did not open the door, the officer would open it by force and that he would be tased. The man opened the door and fell to the ground with his hands under his waist concealing them from officers. The officers attempted to grab his hands; he kicked his feet and grabbed the bottom of the toilet, using it as anchor so not to be moved. Once again he was reminded of the taser possibility and he gave up.

At some point the man allegedly began yelling that he was a victim of police brutality, however according to the police report, no officer struck the man. There were numerous witnesses inside the store during the incident.

The man continued to resist the officers as they were attempting to get him into the backseat of the patrol vehicle. He allegedly repeatedly screamed he was going to kill himself and that an officer had punched him in the face. He reportedly kicked an officer and then allegedly intentionally slammed his own head into the car door and again began to yell he was being abused.

After an investigation it was discovered a family member had taken a restraining order out against the man. He was at the location and the police were contacted.

Due to his continued claim of wanting to commit suicide, officers placed him on a psychiatric hold for his own safety.