Weather in the Foothills

Weather in the Foothills

“We often hear of bad weather, but in reality no weather is bad. It is all delightful, though in different ways. Some weather may be bad for farmers or crops, but for man all kinds are good. Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating.”

~ John Lubbock

A November day … The sky is clear, the air is warm and a gentle breeze blows. Surfers and seals catch a wave in the shared waters. Paradise or heaven – it could be either. Where is this place? As the crow flies it was along the coast, only 21.29 miles from here in La Crescenta. But such has been the weather for the past week across much of Southern California … and we call this home.

Ideal weather is purely subjective, of course. One person’s brutal winter is another’s icy playground. Places without rain are also called deserts so if you’re drawn to lush landscapes like those of Hawaii or the Pacific Northwest, destinations with 325 days of sun a year might not be your definition of ideal.

Mediterranean climates (which our region is classified) are universally considered the most comfortable of all world climates. The dry subtropical climates of California, southern Europe, northern and southern Africa, parts of Mexico and South America and Australia are characterized by year-long sunshine, little rainfall and low relative humidity with mild-to-warm seasonal temperatures.

The main considerations taken in judging the perfect climate often include the average summer and winter temperatures, the average daily high throughout the year, inches of rainfall per year and the percentage of sun (i.e., sunny days) annually.

But few people will deny there’s just something intrinsically and inexplicably right about life when it’s sunny and 75 degrees outside. There is actual research by so-called “tourism climatologists” to back this up. They find the increased Vitamin D levels from sunlight boost energy levels, promote stronger bones and allow for a more active and healthful lifestyle. In turn, populations living in sunny regions are generally more psychologically sound.

So where does one need to live or visit to make the most of Mother Nature’s best climate or weather? Keep in mind these are only a consensus of popular opinions.

Best weather in the world – 1.Canary Islands, Spain 2. Sao Paulo, Brazil 3. Oahu, Hawaii

Best weather in the U.S. – 1. California 2. Hawaii 3. Texas

Best weather in California – 1. San Diego 2. Santa Barbara 3. La Crescenta

Without a drop of rain in sight, there’ll be no wet turkey feathers! Temperatures in the mid 70s are forecast into next week. Is this beach weather or Thanksgiving weather?

Sue Kilpatrick is a Crescenta Valley
resident and Official Skywarn Spotter for the National Weather Service Reach her at