From the Desk of the Publisher

Season of Gratitude

Over the last week I’ve had the chance to get to know some hardworking folks who keep under the radar for the most part.

For example, I attended the La Cañada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Assn. Wine and Roses event (you can find out about it on page 14 of this week’s paper). At it I met several people who volunteer to do one thing: build an outstanding entry for the Tournament of Roses Parade. When I found out how much it costs to build the float, I was dumbfounded. What I found most astounding, though, was that they typically work for a year on the New Year’s Day entry. Who knew how complex this project is?

I also attended the final 2022 meeting of the YMCA Quarterback Club. At it student athletes were recognized for their performances on the field. Some even received scholarships to attend the college of their choice. Listening to the dedication of these kids, and especially those who achieved such high grades in their classes, was inspiring. I’m so glad I was there.

On Saturday I attended one of my all-time favorite events: the Montrose Shopping Park Assn. Wine Walk. Armed with an etched wineglass, tasting tickets and a shopping bag, I visited many of the participating shops, going into some that I had never been in before. I met many of the shop owners who work so hard to promote their products and have a deep affection for our community.

That affection is contagious. Sometimes I get so caught up with getting the paper out and running a business that I forget the paper means so much to our community. Thankfully I’ll get reminders.

For example, just this week one of our longtime supporters stopped by the office with a check for her subscription. She said how excited she was 13 years ago when she walked out of her house and saw the paper in her driveway. She said she makes a point of shopping local, first checking our advertisers before venturing out or calling for a service.

Also this week in the mail was a lovely note from a dedicated reader with a check for $65 (our subscription rate). He wrote that the check was actually for a “non-subscription.” Apparently he picks up the paper at one of the many places it is dropped each week.

“I’ve been reading the paper for years and it’s just too easy to think of it as ‘free,’” he wrote. “But is isn’t. So I better step up to the plate.”

He’s absolutely right. The paper costs me a bundle each week to produce and distribute – definitely not free. And while I have big pockets (due to an ever-widening girth) I do not have deep pockets. So, in this season of gratitude, I ask you to consider supporting the Crescenta Valley Weekly.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta
Valley Weekly. She can be reached at
or (818) 248-2740.