CVTC council ready to work

Voters at Rosemont Middle School on Saturday cast their vote for Crescenta Valley Town Council members. Photos by Mary O’KEEFE
Voters at Rosemont Middle School on Saturday cast their vote for Crescenta Valley Town Council members. Photos by Mary O’KEEFE

CVTC elections are over. It is now time to get to work.

Crescenta Valley Town Council has some new regular members and two new alternates after Saturday’s election. Incumbent Robbyn Battles who had served last year as an alternate received the most votes at 214 allowing her to move up to regular council member. Regular member incumbent Dennis van Bremen kept hold of his seat on the council and new comer Todd Thornbury rounds out the third regular seat.

Charles Beatty, incumbent alternate, retained his seat with two new alternates Kim Mattersteig and Silvana Casalegno.

Three hundred and nine community members cast their votes at Rosemont Middle School on Nov. 7. Fourteen voted by absentee ballot.

The number of eligible voters did not increase this year despite the fact the polling place was at Rosemont Middle School where a very well attended pancake breakfast fundraiser was being held for the school’s music department. There was also an emergency expo in the parking lot that many attended yet that did not equate into more voters.

“We did not see an increase this year which is a little surprising. I wish we would have had more voters,” said Cheryl Davis, CVTC councilmember.

Davis and other members had made a strong effort to publicize the election through media, e-mails and the council’s website.

“I would like to get the community more involved with the council,” said Battles.

This was the second time Battles had campaigned for a seat on the council and she admitted this time was different.

“The first time I ran I had no idea what to expect but this time I was nervous,” she said.

This time, she added, she knew what the job entailed and she really wanted to serve. Now that the election is over she is ready to hit the ground running with projects she began last year.

“I want to continue with pedestrian safety but first I want to get our senior group launched,” she said.

Battles is a member of a senior organization that plans to get trusted resource information available for seniors. Businesses and organizations that help seniors will be allowed to join only after they are interviewed by the committee and their track record is examined. This will give seniors a bit more security when they decide on a particular service.

Battles also is on the executive board for the Crescenta Valley Drug and Alcohol Prevention organization.

Incumbent van Bremen also plans on getting involved with the organization using his knowledge and past experience as a high school counselor to help reach out to the school district as well as students and parents on the issue of drugs in the community.