The Election Results – So Far

Photo by Rachelle MILLER
Tuesday was an important day for elections and CV Weekly mascot Indiana Jones made sure to show up at her family’s polling place.


This November’s election is finally over – sort of. In California, the counting of ballots continues and results will be updated throughout the next few days – and weeks.

According to Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Dean C. Logan, a total of 1,975,855 ballots were processed and counted with 38% of eligible registered voters casting ballots. Out of those ballots, 683,452 were vote-by-mail and 1,292,403 were poll ballots. There were 4,728 precincts within LA County.

“[In LA County] we do a counting process [lasting about] 30 days,” said Brenda Duran, spokeswoman for LA County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Office.

From this point forward, on every Tuesday and Friday the election results will be updated.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the “semi-official” results for races concerning the Crescenta Valley include: Congressman Adam Schiff at 76.44% of the vote and his challenger Johnny J. Nalbandian at 23.56%. State Assemblymember Laura Friedman received 100% of the vote; she ran unopposed. The yes votes for Glendale’s Measure S, the sales tax increase of ¾%, are 52.94%; no votes are 47.06%. LA Cou
nty Flood Control Measure W are 67.48% yes votes to 32.52% no votes.

The LA County Sheriff’s Dept. race for sheriff is very close. At present, Sheriff Jim McDonnell received 49.85% of the vote and challenger Alex Villanueva received 50.15%.

LA County ballot results for statewide issues include: For the governor’s office, LA County voters gave Gavin Newsom 69.87% of the vote and John H. Cox 30.13%. Statewide results find the difference between the candidates a little narrower with Newsom at 59.3% and Cox at 40.7%.

For Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Thurmond has the lead with 55.38% of the vote; Marshall Tuck has, so far, received 44.62% of the vote. Statewide, the preliminary results find Thurmond at 49.3% to Tuck’s 50.7% of the vote.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, as of Wednesday in LA County, had 58.43% of the vote compared to Kevin De Leon at 41.57%; statewide, the numbers were similar with Feinstein at 54.3% to Kevin De Leon’s 45.7%

The results of the LA County on statewide Measures on which voters were asked to decide include: Prop. 1 – Authorizing bonds to fund specified housing assistance programs: 62.34% yes and 37.66% no. Prop. 2 – Authorizing bonds to fund existing housing program for individuals with mental illness: 67.65% yes and 32.35% no. Prop. 3 – Authorizing bonds to fund projects including for water supply and quality: 48.83% yes to 51.17% no. Prop. 4 – Authorizing bonds for construction at hospitals providing children’s health: 67.84% yes to 32.16% no. Prop. 5 – Change requirements for property owners to transfer property tax base: 39.02% yes to 60.98% no. Prop 6 – Known as the “gas tax repeal measure”: 39.95% yes to 60.05% no. Prop 7 – Possible change of Daylight Saving Time: 59.73% yes to 40.27% no. Prop 8 – Regulates amounts that outpatient kidney dialysis clinics charge for treatments: 40.19% yes to 59.81% no. Prop 10 – Known as the “rent control measure”: 47.16% yes to 52.84% no. Prop 11 – Requires private-sector emergency ambulance employees to remain on-call during work breaks: 60.24% yes to 39.76% no. Prop 12 – Establishes new standards for confinement of specified farm animals: 69.89% yes to 30.11% no.

State and County results will continue to come in throughout November. CVW will continue to update as these results are made public.