Crescenta Valley Town Council RESULTS

Crescenta Valley Town Council has some new regular members and two new alternates after today’s election.  Incumbent Robbyn Battles who had served last year as an alternate received the most votes at 214 allowing her to move up to regular council member.  Regular member incumbent Dennis van Bremen kept hold of  his seat on the council and new comer Todd Thornbury rounds out the third regular seat.

Charles Beatty, incumbent alternate retained his seat with two new alternates Kim Mattersteig and Silvana Casalegno.

Three hundred and nine community members cast their votes at Rosemont Middle School on Nov. 7.  Fourteen voted by absentee ballot.   The candidates will take their oath of office at the Dec. 17 meeting.

Robbyn Battles: 214 votes

Dennis van Bremen: 158 vote

Todd Thornbury: 136

Alternate 1: Kim Mattersteig

Alternate 2: Charles Beatty

Alternate 3: Silvana Cassalegno