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What do you think is the most important role the CVTC plays in the community?

Robbyn Battles: Perhaps the most important role of Town Council is to act as a forum or center through which the concerns and ambitions of individuals within the community can be expressed. As a council, we are responsible for listening to the community and accurately representing and presenting those concerns along with their contribution for a positive solution. We are the communities’ voice.

Dennis van Bremen

The CVTC’s job is to serve as the liaison between Supervisor Antonovich’s office and the residents of unincorporated Montrose/La Crescenta. But the CVTC does more than just listen to the residents’ concerns; the Council is very proactive in helping better the lives of the residents as is best demonstrated by the new La Crescenta Library on the corner of Foothill Blvd. and La Crescenta Ave.

Kim Mattersteig: CVTC most important roll is to connect people.  I believe the CSD project will preserve our history and Foothill uniqueness; improve business retention and promote growth.  It is vital for our success that we clean up deteriorated buildings and create an inviting, relaxing atmosphere that invites people to come out for dinner, errands and entertainment; rather than driving outside our town and spending money elsewhere.  I will continue to promote evacuation/safety drills for community preparedness and help develop community events where families can get acquainted.

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Wendy Alane Smith: The CVTC addresses the concerns and issues of the residents and businesses. When I am on the Town Council I will work to help maintain the safety of the community, improve La Crescenta on Foothill Blvd with medians, trees and plants. and help increase communication between residents, businesses and the town council.

As a Town Council member I will also help with Fundraising and offer my assistance on all current events. I am already heavily in service to this community and I love it; I am working with the Crescenta Valley Sheriffs Station and Community Center in the 15th Annual Run for the Hungry as well as numerous projects for the community as a member of the La Crescenta Women’s Jrs and Chair of numerous Kiwanis Projects.

Silvana Casalegno: The role of the CVTC is to strengthen our community, to identify areas of energy that exist in the community and then facilitate the mechanism to bring projects to fruition. For example, the CVTC can create events that appeal to our community and keep us all working together. Through these events we have an opportunity to meet each other, get information on what concerns our community, educate ourselves on issues that impact our community, and most of all support each other. I have always enjoyed the “small town” atmosphere that exists in La Crescenta. The CVTC can continue that feeling by supporting our established community events and facilitating the development of new ones. You can see through some of the current projects: adopt-a-tree, CV Dogs, Public Space Beautification and more how the CVTC can impact our community. There are many possibilities and, I believe the CVTC has the ability and duty to keep the families in La Crescenta together.

Charles Beatty:

Todd Thornbury:

What do you think is the biggest accomplishment the CVTC has done to date?

Robbyn Battles: Most recently CVTC has been very successful on a variety of fronts. As for our council President, Steve Pierce, I cannot say enough. What a kind, generous and motivating force he is to our council and the community. This was my first year on council and he was extraordinarily supportive in all of my endeavors as the Youth and Senior Chairperson. The new “Two Strike” school drop zone for Monte Vista is a huge success. Coming soon to our Community, “Senior Resources of the Foothills” For the past year a small select group of us have been planning and building a well-needed resource for our seniors. This would not have been possible without the help of the CVTC.

The council allowed me to overhaul and maintain its website. Lots of hours and compassion have gone – and still go into this website. The goal was to make  HYPERLINK “” the number one site for the community to visit when they needed information. Based on the tracking numbers we have met this goal.

Lastly, some long term items that came to fruition which I can take absolutely no credit. But for which I would like to thank present and past town councilmembers: The La Crescenta Library, it’s beautiful and took many years of work from numerous organizations including town council. Finally, the Community Standards Design (CSD) for Foothill Blvd… Change will not happen overnight but we will begin to see some beautiful results.

Dennis van Bremen: I think the CVTC’s greatest accomplishment, so far, is the development of the Community Standards District (CSD).  Through hard work by a committee CVTC members and other interested people, this document was prepared, submitted to the Supervisor’s office, and finally approved.  This document will help to guide development in Montrose/La Crescenta so that our communities will be able to keep that charm which makes them special.  The new library and Walgreens Drugstore are two prime examples of new buildings that follow the new CSD guidelines.  The Council, citing the CSD, has worked with Glendale City Council regarding the development of the Glendale portion of Foothill Blvd. between Pennsylvania and Lowell.  Although governed by two different governments, La Crescenta residents view Foothill as one street, not two.  It is the goal of the CVTC to continue working with the Glendale City Council so that Foothill Blvd. will remain the one street that links both the unincorporated and the Glendale sections of La Crescenta.

Kim Mattersteig: Becoming a councilmember is a serious job and should not be taken lightly.  President, Steve Pierce and his council set a new higher bar of communication.   Great strides were taken to connect the CV residents, these positive strides must continue as they promote awareness and a safer community.  Town Council has been your successful liaison and representative to the schools, Sheriff’s Dept, and our LA County Supervisor.

Wendy Alane Smith: New stops signs on Briggs, the 2 strike park drop off and the Design Standards that are now completed and we get to work from to improve the town.

Silvana Casalegno: I am still learning of all the wonderful things that the CVTC has accomplished throughout its time. Of these, those that most appeal to me are: the library, the public space beautification projects and the 4th of July fireworks. However, the list is very long, from keeping us informed of how the 710 project impacts the foothills to helping the Holiday Parade stay alive. All of the little events, which take a lot of work and effort, are ways that we keep together as a community. As I was raising a family in La Crescenta, 25 plus years, I took comfort and reassurance knowing that my children’s behavior was supervised by many families in our community. We know each other, we know each other’s kids so I, as a parent, did not have to be everywhere monitoring my children. Yet, I felt safe that if they got into a mess I would have a quick call from some one that knew me. This is what a small town does, it helps its families to grow and develop; you are not alone. This feeling is what I believe is the biggest accomplishment that the CVTC has managed to do through its dedication to our community events.

Charles Beatty:

Todd Thornbury:

If elected what unique qualifications do you feel you would bring to the council?

Robbyn Battles: There is a lot of unfinished business that needs to be completed. New concerns will need to be guided and addressed. I hope my enthusiasm, creativeness and, as Steve Pierce calls it my “bulldog abilities” will continue to help our community. Thank you for the opportunity this past year. It has been great fun and extremely fulfilling. Thank you in advance for your vote.

Dennis van Bremen: I have three years of experience on the Council, and a long history of residency in La Crescenta.  I may be unique in those two areas, but I fell that all the candidates share in the conviction that we have the best interest of all residents at heart and will continue to work to keep Montrose/La Crescenta the beautiful communities that they are.

Kim Mattersteig I have proven to you my leadership skills and team work capabilities by accomplishing the Fire Evac Drill. I am a motivator and can think outside of the box.  I have experience working successfully with city councils; law enforcement agencies including LASD; BURBANK PD; HOMELAND SECURITY and LAPD for the benefit and safety of children and the community at large.  I am driven by fairness and integrity.  November 7… please VOTE for the Candidate(s) you believe will represent your interests and give you 100% of their dedication.

Wendy Alane Smith: I am a high energy person who gets alot accomplished. I love working in a group as a leader, or as two extra hands that will do whatever it takes to complete a project and achieve results. If you hand a project to me it will get done well.

Silvana Casalegno: I bring an ability to work with people, to get projects finished and a great love for La Crescenta. I am not afraid of hard work and am very willing to put in the time. I bring along my family as is evident every Fourth of July where we, as a family, sell the glow sticks for CVTC. Through a lifetime of volunteering I have been able to develop good skills on how to accomplish a variety of tasks. I have planted trees, organized small and large events, directed groups of volunteers, planned meals, and provided a shoulder. I am very confident that whatever task the CVTC sets forth for me or whatever my community asks; I will be able to do, and if I can’t I’ll be able to find those who can.

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