High School Locked Down

Crescenta Valley High School was placed in lockdown on Monday afternoon after a call was received at the CV Sheriff’s Station in which the caller reportedly saw a person with a gun enter the campus, according to Capt. Todd Deeds, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept.-CV Sheriff’s Station. In an abundance of caution, the school was put on lockdown until the person could be located.

According to information released by Principal Linda Junge, through the use of campus video cameras it was confirmed that a JROTC student jumped a fence on the way back to school with his drill and ceremony replica wood rifle.

“The reporting community member remained on campus during the lockdown and was able to verify that this was the student she saw,” said Junge.

A report issued by the CV Sheriff’s Station said that the incident resulted in the detention of one student with a replica firearm. LASD confirmed no threats to the students.

The student was detained on campus, positively identified and determined not to be a threat.

La Crescenta Elementary was also on lockdown during the event.

This incident has no relationship to a lockdown at the school that occurred about two weeks ago. At that time a parent who was upset and refusing to leave the school caused security to lock the school down. The parent left quickly, and the school went back to regular classes.