Glendale City Council Considers Measure J


The Glendale City Council gave consideration to drawing up a resolution to support Measure J, which will be among many tax related initiatives to be voted upon in next month’s election. Measure J, if approved, would not result in any tax increases, but would extend already existing ones enacted by Measure R. That measure, which was approved by voters in 2008, raised county sales taxes a half cent in order to pay for improvements to the transportation infrastructure.

The sales tax increase imposed by Measure R would, through Measure J, extend the expiration dates of the tax from 2039 to 2069.

Councilmember Ara Najarian, who also sits on the board of the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA), came out in favor of approving a resolution in support of the measure.

“We use [the funds from the measure] for public transportation, road repair, things like that. Not only is it good for Glendale – it’s good for the county. This is something [the county] can be proud of,” he said. “These are things our children will be enjoying and making use of.”

Mayor Frank Quintero echoed Najarian’s approval, saying that it was imperative for the city to extend its transportation options.

Among the benefits touted by supporters of Measure J are continued funding for the eastward expansion of the Gold Line, with rails being laid out as far as Citrus College in Glendora. Locally it will pay for on-ramp improvements in freeways that cut through the city. It will also generate approximately 250,000 jobs for the local economy.

Council approved the resolution in support of Measure J unanimously.