Senator Liu Hosts Great ShakeOut Presentation for Seniors

Photo by Isiah REYES
Photo by Isiah REYES
Senator Carol Liu greeted attendees of an earthquake preparedness presentation for seniors she hosted with ASTER, CV Ready and Glendale Adventist-Live Well.

By Isiah REYES

On the same day as the Great California ShakeOut – Thursday, Oct. 16 – seniors were invited to attend an earthquake preparedness workshop presented by State Senator Carol Liu at Healy Hall at Holy Redeemer Church in Montrose.

Co-hosting the event was ASTER (Assisting Seniors Through Enhanced Resources), CV Ready and Glendale Adventist-Live Well. Several speakers provided information on the topic of how to prepare for an earthquake such as getting to know neighbors and setting up a neighborhood safety plan.

“We’re very fortunate to live in a district where we have a senator who has a long history with us, understands our needs, and knows our issues,” said Denise Miller, director of the Live Well senior program at Glendale Adventist Medical Center and president of ASTER. “Additionally, Senator Liu is an educator and she is very much an innovator.”

The presenters emphasized that an emergency kit should always be at the ready and that the supplies in it should last for at least three days. The items in any kit should include one gallon of water per person a day in a clear plastic container; canned or packaged food that does not require refrigeration or cooking; a first aid kit that should include protective gloves, tweezers, bandages and scissors; medications; and flashlights, sturdy shoes and other tools and supplies.

“This is really important stuff for seniors,” said Liu. “We are the fastest growing and largest group of people in the state of California [65 years and older]. Disaster preparedness is one of those things we need to be conscious of. I think when seniors listen to the presenters they will find lots of good information that they can use when they get home.”