Water rules differ for residents

By Charles COOPER

Not all Glendale residents are created equal when it comes to water rates and conservation, a senior Glendale Water and Power official said Tuesday.

Peter Kavounas, assistant general manager, was responding to questions by Councilman John Drayman regarding residents of the Glendale annex portion of La Crescenta. Drayman wanted to know why the residents are treated differently than the rest of the city.

Kavounas said the area is served by the CVWD, with higher rates and more stringent rationing standards. “CV is limited on local supply and is working with older wells,” he said. “Their cost for imported water is $1,000 per acre foot, compared to $700 for Glendale. CV is limited to two days a week of watering, while Glendale has three.”

The GWP official said the city is considering moving those clients into the Glendale system, but cost and legal issues have to be answered. The Local Agency Formation Commission has endorsed the idea.

Glendale and La Crescenta share pumping rights in the Verdugo basin and under a court order Glendale is entitled to pump 3,856 acre feet per year.

The city awarded a contract Tuesday for a remodeled well in the Verdugo Basin to produce an added 320 acre feet of water. The well is on Foothill Boulevard, and will pump water to the New York reservoir.

The city also issued a request for proposal for a new well on the Rockhaven property, with a project to be designed and bids sought.

Kavounas also announced that Glendale residents have exceeded the required conservation figure of 10%.