Fire on Day Street

Several fire fighting agencies responded to the scene, lining Day Street. Photo by Mark SHELTON

A fire breaks out on a hillside not far from homes in Tujunga igniting worry and concern with the flames.


It only took fire fighters a little over an hour to contain a fire in Tujunga early Wednesday evening.

At 5:09 p.m. Los Angeles City Fire responded to a fire on Day Street, just west of Lowell Avenue between Cabanas and Pali avenues. Witnesses said the fire seemed to be moving quickly as it blazed up one of the few areas left untouched by the Station Fire.

“There are about 20 fire engines and the U.S. Forest Service is here,” said Sue Edelman who lives nearby on Lowell Avenue. “We saw 20 or more fire fighters walk up hill [toward the fire]. It looks like over kill but you don’t know because it goes so fast and there are houses in that area so they are definitely trying to get it out quickly.”

More than 100 firefighters from various agencies battled the blaze.

“We had two helicopters from the city of Los Angeles and one out of L.A. County. It was [fully] contained in one hour, three minutes. There were no injuries and no structures were damaged or threatened,” said Brian Humphrey, spokesman with L.A. Fire Department.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, however residents at the scene told L.A. City Fire inspectors of a homeless camp that was located not too far from the fire area. Humphrey said he could not confirm the presence of the camp nor if there was a connection to the fire, only that investigators were on Day Street speaking with residents and gathering information.

With nerves still on edge after the Station Fire, residents were relieved that the response was swift and the fire was quickly contained.

“The fire brings back Station Fire memories. We were thinking, ‘Oh no, we may be evacuated again,’” Edelman said.

Evacuations were not necessary but the hillside will still be monitored by fire fighters.

“We will be out there all night,” Humphrey said.

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