High Winds Cause Problems in Crescenta Valley and Surrounding Areas


Residents in the 2300 block of Janet Lee Drive thought an earthquake had rattled their homes this morning (Monday) at about 7 a.m. but soon found it was the wind to blame for the shaking.

Strong winds toppled a tree on Janet Lee sending it crashing through a wooden fence that separated two properties and onto the roof of a nearby home. The Los Angeles County Fire Dept. assessed the home as having structural damage; fortunately, the residents can still stay in the area of the home not affected by the damage.

The tree had fallen across the back rooms of the home with its branches resting on the roof and into the backyard swimming pool.

“I am still alive,” joked the owner of the home.

There were no injuries reported by the residents, just shaken nerves.

It appears the tree toppled due to the extreme winds in the Crescenta Valley area. The winds are blamed for sporadic power outages throughout the area as well and broken limbs can be found littering neighborhood streets      .

“There were multiple outages. Since 3 a.m., we have had numerous calls,” said Atineh Haroutunian, Glendale Water and Power spokeswoman. “It is all wind-related.”

Palm fronds that fall and lie across power lines seem to be the main cause of the outages.

There was one fire due to a fallen tree branch onto power lines, said Haroutunian, in the 1900 block of El Arbolita Drive. The fire was quickly taken care of; however, about 700 customers were affected at the onset of the fire. That number was reduced to 50 customers as the power was restored.

The National Weather Service issued a wind advisory that is in affect until 3 p.m. though that may be extended. Winds in the surrounding areas of Crescenta Valley has been recorded at 44 miles per hour in Altadena, and as high as 66 mph in the mountains, according to Bonnie Bartling, weather specialist.

There is currently a Red Flag Warning for most of Los Angeles County until 8 p.m. Tuesday.