Starbucks Decision Delayed


The decision to allow Starbucks in Montrose to offer its Evenings program has yet to be made.

On Oct. 3, the Notice of Pending Decision from the Community Development Dept. Planning Division at the City of Glendale was placed at Starbucks. The company is requesting to serve beer and wine as part of its Evenings program.

Milica Toledo of the Planning Division had said she was leaning toward approving the request with conditions on Oct. 13 if she did not receive any opposition to the Evenings program at the Montrose Starbucks.

“I have received some [responses] against and some in favor,” Toledo said. She estimates the decision will not come for a few weeks.

After the decision is made to approve or not approve the request, as well as any conditions added to the request, the public will have 15 days to comment on the decision.