Burglary on Mountain Pine


A residential burglary occurred on Thursday evening, Oct. 1 at 11:40 p.m. in the 2600 block of Mountain Pine Drive.

Burglaries with suspects entering the home by shattering a back window or back glass door have unfortunately been recent occurrences in the Pinelawn/Pineridge area; however, this burglary has a frightening twist – the residents were home at the time.

“They woke up when they heard the front door slam shut,” said Sgt. Hector Mancinas, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Crescenta Valley Station.

The suspect/suspects broke a sliding glass door and entered the home.

“[Suspect/suspects] went into a guest room,” Mancinas said.

In past residential burglaries in the area several rooms have been ransacked.

“[We found] a couple of drawers were open, a closet door and bathroom cabinet had been opened,” he said. “But it did not appear anything was missing.”

It is not known if the suspect/suspects left because they discovered the residents were home or if they left for another reason.

As to what residents can do to protect themselves from burglaries, having motion sensor lights and being vigilant are two suggestions from Mancinas.

“These streets are so dark in this area,” Mancinas added.

Mancinas reminds residents to call the Sheriff’s Dept. if they see or hear anything suspicious. This may include seeing a vehicle that is slowly driving through the neighborhood, people walking from home to home or anything that is out of the ordinary in the area. Also since many of the burglaries that have occurred start with the breaking of a window or glass door, residents are also encouraged to call if they hear anything unusual or suspicious.

“Don’t hesitate to call,” Mancinas said.

CV Sheriff’s Station contact number is (818) 248-3464 or for an emergency call 911.