Volunteers needed to help trees

Photo by Mary O’KEEFE Helping trees along Foothill Boulevard are, from left, James Pak, Stuart Byles, Cheryl Davis, CVTC president, Paul Deardorff, Public Works road maintenance supervisor and Steve Pierce.


Did you know that the trees along Foothill Boulevard in La Crescenta are only officially maintained by the Public Works Department of Los Angeles County for one year after planting?
“From that point on the trees are on their own,” said Steve Pierce.
About three weeks ago Pierce began calling friends and Crescenta Valley organizations to ask for volunteers to help maintain the trees.
“The [CV] Town Council has their Adopt a Tree program that covers a few of the trees but we wanted to take care of all the trees along Foothill,” he said.
Some businesses maintain the trees planted at their storefront and some do not. Some of the trees survive despite no regular watering and maintenance but for those that don’t the County pulls them up and plants another. In the past Crepe Myrtle trees were planted along Foothill. As they die the County replaces them with a London Plane.
Pierce added with the present state and county budget shortages there are no funds available for Public Works to do regular maintenance. Digging up old trees and planting new however will have to be paid for out of the budget. Having volunteers spend a few hours of their time will help save Public Works funds.  The trees also provide a more appealing landscape for local businesses.
A call  was made to Public Works and Allied Waste Service for help.  Public Works has offered a water truck that will drive along with the volunteer workers and water the trees.  Allied Waste offered to cart away all the clippings.
Volunteers have been scheduled. Dr. Young Seok Suh has arranged for about 30 people to help, various Girl and Boy Scout troops have also agreed to don their garden gloves and pitch in.
“We have a good response and expect 30 to 40 [volunteers],” said James Pak, who is working with Suh.
CVTC President Cheryl Davis has volunteered and has been sending out emails requesting more help.
“We still would like more volunteers,” Pierce said.
The workday is scheduled for Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Volunteers are asked to bring their work gloves and pruning tools.  Everyone is asked to meet at St. Luke’s of the Mountains at the corner of Rosemont Avenue and Foothill Boulevard.
“This isn’t being done by one particular group or organization it is just people in La Crescenta that want to help,” Pierce said.