Arson Registry Bill passes house

Congressman Adam Schiff (CA-29) and Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack (CA-45) today praised House passage of their legislation
to help law enforcement and fire officials track convicted arsonists and
prevent unnecessary disasters caused by arson.  The Managing Arson
Through Criminal History (MATCH) Act, H.R. 1727, which Bono Mack
reintroduced this year with Schiff, would establish a nationwide
registry of convicted arsonists for law enforcement to better prevent
repeat offenders.
"The Station Fire is a prime example of the devastation and destruction
that arson can cause," said Schiff.  "Having worked on arson cases as a
federal prosecutor, I know firsthand the potential a Megan's Law-type
registry holds to help law enforcement catch arsonists and prevent
additional fires."