Bargains Found at Annual Rummage Sale

Photos by Dan HOLM
Photos by Dan HOLM

By Isiah REYES and Samantha SLAYBACK

Crescenta Valley’s Sheriff Station held its annual rummage sale on Saturday that brought in droves of people looking for a bargain while also helping out the Volunteer Fund and the CV Station Fund.

The annual Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station Rummage Sale has been a tradition since 2000. The event was led by Sgt. Cynthia Gonzales and Deputy Jesus Alcala with the help of many volunteers, including Ginger Hunnicutt who has volunteered every year.

This year the station received so many donations they had to ask people to kindly stop sending in their items as they were already overflowing with merchandise. There was plenty for buyers. Community members donated household items, clothing, electronics, patio furniture, indoor furniture, holiday items, collectibles, sporting equipment and more.

This year’s event was from
7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and was held in the lower parking lot of the CV Sheriff’s Station. People formed a line that extended about two blocks along Briggs Avenue.

“There was a line waiting for us to open,” said Gonzales. The crowd was much larger in the morning, but tapered out towards the afternoon. About half of the items were sold within the opening hours of the sale.

“The record high heat was a factor,” said Gonzales. “I think there would have been more people if it would not have been so hot.”

Despite the heat, the sale sold 75% of all the merchandise offered.

“This is very important,” Honeycutt said of the sale. “This is where we get money to do things for the station.” Among the items the funds are used for are an annual banquet, Christmas parties, station picnics and anything that contributes to the morale of the deputies.

As for the items that did not sell at Saturday’s rummage sale, all were donated to a charity organization.

“Deputy Alcala and I would personally like to thank our wonderful volunteers – they worked so hard to make this event successful,” said Gonzalez. “We would also like to thank the community for so generously donating to the rummage sale.”

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