New Booties at Burbank Bob Hope Airport


Since the attacks on U.S. soil on Sept. 11, 2001, security at airports has changed, and continues to change. The days of getting to the airport late, having family walk to the gate with the passenger and keeping your shoes on are gone. The security, most agree, is worth the time and trouble and, as Americans do best, they adapt.

Burbank Bob Hope Airport is one of the first airports that will reward that adaptive spirit with a new vending machine that is being introduced that will make following security measures a little more comfortable. Beginning on Friday, travelers at the Bob Hope Airport will be able to “soft-shoe through terminal security checkpoints with ‘flightfeet.’”

BLT innovations, LLC, a woman-owned business, created “flightfeet,” lightweight non-latex, non-skid reusable footwear that passengers can wear while their shoes and carry-ons are going through the checkpoint screening.

The cost of the “booties” is $3 per pair, which includes a bag to place shoes in as well.

The Bob Hope Airport was chosen as the first airport to provide the flightfeet booties in vending machines, said Lucy Burghdorf, spokeswoman for Burbank Bob Hope Airport.

“[BLT owner Kelley Kilgannon] contacted us,” Burghdorf said.

She added Kilgannon’s business was based in Upland but she knew the San Fernando Valley well.

“This product will offer passengers an alternative to walking through security checkpoints in socks, nylons or bare feet, and putting shoes in the supplied shoe bag will help the traveler avoid the clutter that results when loose items are put in the screening bins separately,” Kilgannon stated in a release.