Residents be aware of surroundings


Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station detectives are warning residents to be aware of their surroundings after several homes have been burglarized in the area. Homes on Mayfield Avenue, Parasio Way and Markridge Road have reported being burglarized or attempted to be burglarized in the past few weeks.
In at least two of the incidents residents discovered a man described as being 19 or 20 years old with reddish brown hair in or near their home. When questioned why he was there he responded that he was looking for a ball.
“This could be the same suspect in [both burglaries],” said Sgt. Ray Harley, Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station.
In some of the burglaries window screens were removed to achieve access to the homes.
“Just call us,” Harley said of anyone seeing anything suspicious.
He added that one witness had reported seeing a man jumping over fences in the neighborhood but did not call the sheriff’s department until she found that a home had been burglarized. In another incident a resident reported that a man had attempted to enter her home by trying several doors.  When the suspect saw the homeowner he fled. She did not call the sheriff’s department for about an hour.
The CV Sheriff’s Station telephone number (818) 248-3464.