Four run for assembly seat

Four first-time candidates are running for the 59th Assembly Distinct, which remains one of the oddest in the state in terms of layout.
The district, which is being vacated by Anthony Adams, stretches from Hesperia to La Crescenta and has a Republican majority among voters.
The GOP candidate is Tim Donnelly who says he is the former president of the largest Minuteman chapter in California. He is also involved in the Tea Party movement, and is a small businessman.
Darcel Woods, a former teacher and deputy sheriff, is the Democratic party contender. She teaches at Chaffey College, and is a commissioner for the state parole board.
Also running as a candidate on the Liberating ticket is Tony Tyler, a small business owner from Happy Valley. The fourth candidate, Robert Gosney, is running as an American Independent.
Donnelly and Woods have both spent about the same amount, $29,000. The other two candidates have not reported any funds.
By Charles COOPER