Alex Spire Sees the Light




ast Friday, the Alex Theatre once again was able to light the night with glowing neon. In celebration of the 90th anniversary of the theatre, Glendale Arts raised $75,000 and had all new wiring and neon installed along the marquee and the 100-foot-tall spire, the iconic tower above the entrance and theatre box office.

“It’s an amazing testament to the people of this community that the Alex Theatre not only celebrated its 90th birthday, but that it’s stronger than it has ever been,” said Elissa Glickman, CEO of Glendale Arts. “Glendale Arts, the management company of the Alex, felt the best way to honor one of this community’s most beloved treasures was to restore and preserve its most iconic symbol, the 100-foot Art Deco neon tower. The $75,000 renovation was paid for through the generous support of local businesses and individual donors, once again proving the Alex is more than just a landmark, it’s a destination, for not just Glendale but the entire region.”


About 250 people attended the nighttime gala to see the relighting ceremony as the live band, Big Lucky, played The Doors’ “Light My Fire.”

In addition to the new spire lights and ceremony, the Alex announced its new mobile app available on the iOS app store and Google Play. The app gives users a convenient format for browsing the upcoming schedule of events, purchase tickets online and even explore the Alex in a virtual interactive tour through photos and videos.

Visitors to Glendale will also notice the banners on the light poles in celebration of Alex90 and are urged to stop by and see the lighted spire in all its neon glory. For more information, download the app or visit

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