From the Desk of the Publisher

Summer Highs and Lows


I had a longtime friend and loyal CV Weekly reader stop by the office on Wednesday morning to pick up a past issue of the paper since she was on vacation when it came out. We chatted for a few minutes and she asked how my summer was.

My summer … Well, financially it was one of the toughest that the paper has endured. Between vacations, business lulls and tariffs on newsprint, it was hard. But then I shared that my eldest son married on June 23 – an elopement with a wonderful gal who we are so happy to welcome into our family. Then on Tuesday last week, my son Danny came home for a visit from Moody Air Force base where he is stationed. While here, on Friday night, he and his gal became engaged. Her mom, Steve and I were able to see the proposal and afterward we all headed to a Santa Monica restaurant where 11 friends and family members were waiting to congratulate them. What an incredible night!

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When I think about those things, I guess my summer wasn’t that bad after all.

As August drew to a close, things began getting busy here at CV Weekly. Plans are well underway for The Finest magazine, which will be released on Sept. 27, and sales diva Sonya Marquez is working with the Glendale International Film Festival to inform our readers of the various films that will be presented at the Festival. It’s definitely an exciting time.

September is typically busy. With students settling into the new school year, folks can focus on events happening around town. For example, next Tuesday, Sept. 11, is the Patriot Day Motorcade when the community can come out and celebrate our emergency responders. In the evening, Mike and Pete Smith of Bob Smith Toyota will host a commemoration for the fallen of 9/11.

The next day, Sept. 12, is the Foothills Community 18th Annual Business Expo over at USC-VHH. This free event from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. showcases the many businesses and services that are offered to our residents. Check it out.

Finally, if you had any doubt as to how fortunate we are to live in the Crescenta Valley, read Todd Shell’s letter to the editor – it really reinforces how special the Crescenta Valley is.