Weather in the Foothills

“Come September, when two of nature’s seasons live as one, where days of summer shed their final afterglow…” ~ Hazelmarie Elliot

Last Saturday morning was like most others as I opened the French doors to take a look at the “new day.” My view is a typical and beautiful La Crescenta one: various pines, oaks, and sycamores landscape in the foreground with the San Gabriels, including Mt. Lukens, as the backdrop. The visibility of unobscured sky is a weather watcher’s dream. I am fortunate at my location to have all of these.

But from my vantage something felt and appeared different that morning –  not easy to put in words. A best example is the effect a photographer gets with a polarizing filter on their camera. The image becomes sharper and colors deepen. Exactly…an intense blue had transformed the sky. Besides the visual effects, the air felt cool and fresh. Déjà vu … reminiscent of other years, as the seasons subtly change, one into the next.

High temperatures are likely to continue for several weeks, but nights will be cooling as fall approaches. As these changes are “in the air,” an age-old event springs up across the country: county fairs.

A culmination of the season’s bounty, a social gathering and a time for fun is to be enjoyed. Not too far off – perhaps in month or two – winter-like weather arrives. Keeping watch over where and when the first snow falls is always fun. But until then, let’s get back to the county fair.

Fairs vary according to historical time period and the location. The following suggests the most comprehensive description: Usually agriculturally based, people gather to show off and purchase or trade produce and livestock. For the homemaker, there are displays and contests of homemade items such as pies, canned goods and sewn articles. Farmers and ranchers enjoy exhibits of tractors, tack and other supplies.  The event includes entertainment and a carnival-like atmosphere. Oh, and the food…

At 3 years old, our son watched the movie “Charlotte’s Web” a record number of times. Thankfully I love this movie as the lyrics became hardwired in my brain. As sang by (a pig) Wilbur’s friend Templeton (a rat):

“A fair is a veritable smorgasbord … After the crowds have ceased.

Each night when the lights go out … Oh, what a ratly feast!” He sings on … “Hot dogs, cookies, ice cream, cotton candy, watermelon, popcorn … everywhere.” He concludes with, “Gobs of gorgeous gook to gobble at the fair.”

Sound good?

The L.A. County Fair continues through Sept. 30. Fairs are fun and also predictable. You can count on both hot weather and fried food. What a combination!

Rain? A few showers fell over the foothills, with 20% chance remaining. This weekend looks clear with highs around 90 degrees and lows about 70. A chance of thunderstorms by Sunday into Monday and a cool down next week are predicted.

Be it at “the fair” or poolside, enjoy the final glow of summer.

Sue Kilpatrick is a  Crescenta Valley resident and  Official Skywarn Spotter for the  National Weather Service. Reach her at