Meatball – Still a California Bear


At the Lion, Tigers and Bears sanctuary in Alpine.


Meatball will not be moving to a wild life Colorado sanctuary as planned, said Andrew Hughan, spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Game.

Meatball, the bear who received his name for his fondness for meatballs, had been a fixture in Crescenta Valley for several months. Though he had been captured and returned to the Angeles National Forest twice, he  kept coming back to Crescenta Valley. On Aug. 29 he was captured again and this time taken to a wildlife facility near San Diego where he was to await his transfer to a Colorado sanctuary.

“The Colorado law has changed,” Hughan said. Meatball does not fall into the correct category of captive animal that is required by the new law.

“He will be staying in California,” he added.

At present, Meatball is at Lions, Tigers and Bears rehabilitation and animal sanctuary in Alpine, where he will stay until authorities find another home.

“He is safe and secure at Lions, Tigers and Bears,” Hughan said.

Fish and Game are working on their next step in regard to Meatball’s housing plan.

Whether or not Colorado will make an exception for the CV-loving bear is not known.

“We are evaluating all options,” Hughan said.