Bomb Threat Incident at the Americana Resolved, Suspect Arrested

On the night of Thursday, Aug. 24 at approximately 8 p.m., Glendale police responded to a bomb threat at the Americana at Brand. An object resembling a toilet was left on the property, along with a note indicating the object was a bomb.

Prioritizing public safety, the Glendale Police Dept. and Americana Security immediately initiated an area evacuation. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. (LASD) – Bomb Squad was requested to assess the scene and the item.

Glendale patrol officers and detectives launched an investigation. Using witness accounts and security footage, a suspect was identified. As the LASD Bomb Squad meticulously worked through its scene safety protocols, officers searched for the suspect.

Glendale police officers successfully located and arrested 22-year-old Timothy Taratchila of Burbank for making a false bomb threat.

At approximately 11:04 p.m., LASD declared the device and scene safe. The evacuation order was lifted.