CV Members Help at LRO


Once again several community members from Crescenta Valley headed to the beach on Saturday to volunteer their day to Life Rolls On – They Will Surf Again.

According to LRO website, “Life Rolls On is a nonprofit organization creating freedom beyond paralysis. Established in 2002, our adaptive sports programs, They Will Surf Again and They Will Skate Again have grown into an annual tour attracting people of all ages and abilities … from all over the world. “

Surfers get on a specially designed surfboard, a team of volunteers help paddle the board out to where the waves are best and then, like any surfer, they wait for that perfect wave. A surfer assists the athlete on the board and together they catch a wave to the shore, always flanked by other volunteers who are there to help if anything goes wrong with the ride.

The surfing events occur internationally. On Saturday it was at Huntington Beach, on Sept. 12 They Will Surf Again head to La Jolla.

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