Local residents doing their share to prevent wildfires

With concrete K-rails in the background, notices can be found througout neighborhoods of upper Canyonside inviting residents to take part in a clean up of their neighborhoods on the anniversary of the Station Fire. The clean up takes place this Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon.

By Odalis A. SUAREZ

After the destructive Station Fire last year, canyon neighbors are refusing to let another wildfire ignite without taking precautionary measures. Spearheading this initiative are residents of Briggs Terrace who will be hosting a cleanup in their community this Saturday, Aug. 28 on upper Canyonside Road.
“We’ve had so much help from the county and the fire department. This is our way of showing our gratitude for what they have done for us,” said Janet Blake, Upper Canyonside resident.
“It’s also a demonstration of what neighbors can do to protect themselves,” added Harry Swope, neighborhood coordinator for the Upper Canyonside Community Association.
The clean up, which is expected to have between 15-30 people attending, will begin with a moment of silence dedicated to Captain Tedmund D. Hall and Arnaldo Quinones, the two firefighters who lost their lives fighting the Station Fire.
While residents begin the clean up, there will also be a lesson by Roger Young, chair of the Crescenta Valley Fire Safe Council, educating residents on how to apply a mesh wire to house vents.
“Eighty percent of homes are lost due to ember intrusion during wildfire. Adding [a] one-eighth inch wire mesh to lower existing vents can go a long way to mitigate that problem,” stated Young who will also be handing out mesh wire to attendees.
Residents plan on working section-by-section, beginning with the most fire hazardous areas in the community.
“What we will attempt to do is to minimize the combustible brush that can ignite the trees,” explained Young.
Although this effort is to prevent wildfires from destroying homes, organizers are glad that these types of events have become a way for the community to unite and get to know one another.
“We all look out for each other now,” said Blake.
Several businesses have made donations for the event on Saturday including a green waste bin by Allied Waste, coffee from Starbucks, and water from Ralphs and Walgreens.
“And other merchants are expected to donate as well,” added Swope.
Although local residents are expected to attend the clean up, organizers
welcome any help that can be
“If somebody really wants to come in and work that’s fine,” stated Blake. “Bring work gloves and a broom.”
The clean up will take place between 8:00 a.m and noon on Upper Canyonside Road. For more information, contact Roger Young at rogerlyoung@earthlink.net.